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Providing a secure and trusted defence to protect national security.

Impact Canine Solutions have proven operational canine performance in helping protect borders. The highly trained dogs and their handlers trained and maintained by us are responsible for locating millions of dollars worth of drugs and other contraband.

They have been extremely successful in locating numerous cases of drug trafficking, illegal materials and human trafficking. They continue to be a highly effective deterrent against drug traffickers and terrorists.

Industrial and Large Scale Corporations

Our strategic approach assists in solving a multitude of concerns regarding the operational, training and development of a canine unit and providing a quality assurance process to ensure the current capability is functioning at the required operational standard.

Our resources allow us to provide the finest canine teams to maximize your security so your organization can then concentrate on operating safely and efficiently.


Remote Air Sampling is a commercially available cargo screening technology that utilises Remote Air Sampling for Canine Olfaction (RASCO – aka REST, in the EU).

The technique has screened over 100,000 trucks and pallets and over 1.5 million metric tons of air cargo since live operations began in the UK and France.

The main idea is to collect air samples from closed cargo volumes – trucks, containers and wrapped pallets – onto a special filter. The filter is then presented to two highly trained explosives detection dogs.

The air sampling itself takes place at the cargo site, and the dogs perform their work inside an analysis centre building (the “analysis room”).

On June 30th 2010, the European Union Commission published EU Regulation No. 573/2010 which is an amending Regulation for EU No. 185/2010.

This new update lays down detailed measures for implementation of the common basic standards on aviation security and especially the standards concerning the usage of explosive detection dogs (EDD).

Two very important updates in the amended Regulation concern passenger screening and hold baggage screening (HBS). The EU now allows the usage of explosive detection dogs for both the above tasks, with the following permissions:

  • Passenger screening – EDDs are permitted as a method operated together with the normal hand search.
  • HBS – Hold baggage screening by dogs is allowed as a primary, stand-alone method.

High Profile Events/Venues

The safety and security of your staff and attendees is of the highest priority. However the main event should be the main focus of your attention. We have a vast knowledge and experience in conflict and crisis management.

Our staff has provided high-level security for some of the most prestigious events and people throughout the world, including Presidential visits.

Hands-on experience in the planning and management of complex security operations at Olympic Game venues, motor racing, soccer matches as well as concerts ensures appropriate preparation for all potential security threats associated with these high-profile events.

This includes accurate and discreet explosive detection searches throughout your venue and the screening of all equipment and visitors.

We will provide you with the peace of mind so that you can focus on the main event.