8887539 - airport canine. dog sniffs out drugs or bomb in a luggage.

This Level 3 Vocational qualification is designed to contribute towards the skills, knowledge and understanding to effectively deploy an explosives detection dog in the operational environment. The course is mapped to the Skills for Security, Security Search National Occupational Standards and conforms to Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) minimum operational standards.

Who Should Attend/Entry Requirements

Personnel who have a responsibility to search vehicles, buildings and/or areas for the presence of drugs substances and would like to achieve a formal training qualification.

Course Structure

A four week course, during which delegates will cover all aspects of the learning outcomes, through coaching, training and by self directed distance learning enabling students to demonstrate:

  • Safe system of search
  • Control of the dog on and off leash at all times
  • Working in a team as a support role
  • Safe handling of drugs training aids
  • Safe and practical application of procedures following a find
  • How to safely deploy the dog to search and indicate the presence of drugs for which it has been trained to detect, in vehicles, buildings and areas.
  • How to deploy the dog in manner that it ignores all reasonable distractions caused by noise, movement and non-target odour sources not physically interfering with the dog.


Candidates will be required to complete theory and practical assignments covering all areas of the learning outcomes. Successful candidates will be awarded a nationally accredited Drugs Detection Dog Handler qualification.

Program Price

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