We recognise that when it comes to providing a canine programme that this will be a considerable investment in both human and financial resources.

Our confidence in our selection, veterinary and training processes allows us to offer a 12 month guarantee on the medical and working ability of all our canines. Our canines come from top quality sources from within Europe who breed from proven working dog bloodlines.

When selecting potential canines for our programmes, our specialists use strict selection guidelines scientifically proven by both Defence Science and Technology Department (Dstl) and the Scientific Working Group on Dog and Orthogonal Detector Guidelines (SWGDOG).

This selection process ensures that each canine selected will be fit for purpose with exceptional intelligence and have a focused desire to search and detect.

We have proven and documented operational success with many breeds of dogs including the following;

  • German Shepherd
  • German Short haired Pointer
  • Dutch Shepherd
  • Belgian Malinois
  • Labrador
  • Springer Spaniel
  • Cocker Spaniel

All canines are subjected to veterinary examination prior to the commencement and at the conclusion of their training. Digital x-rays are available of each canine’s spine, elbows and hips. Each canine is micro-chipped and fully vaccinated.

Explosives Detection Dogs

Our Explosives Detection Dogs (EDD) are trained to achieve high detection levels under extreme conditions. All dogs will indicate the presence of the target odour, both minute and bulk amounts, by exhibiting a passive indication. Explosives used in the detection training of our dogs include a full range of military, commercial and home made explosives.

Narcotics Detection Dogs

Our Narcotics Detection Dogs (NDD), also referred to as “Narc dogs”, “Drugs sniffer dogs” are subjected to the same rigorous selection and training processes as our Explosives Detection dogs. These are active and energetic working dogs that possess high levels of hunting and retrieving instincts. Their ability to search and passively indicate the presence of illicit narcotics remains focused and determined in all operational arenas regardless of distraction.

Remote Air Sampling

Remote Air Sampling was specially developed to serve the mass-screening cargo market that requires a solution for screening high volumes of cargo, with almost no limitation as to size or content.

The solution, which combines unique canine abilities as well as elaborated airflow and filtering technologies, has proven its efficiency in terms of process, performance and cost effectiveness at all the locations where it has been deployed. The system is the perfect answer to the problem of screening whole pallets, trucks and a variety of cargo packaging.

Passive Scanning Dogs

Our passive scanning dogs are trained to detect target odours on humans including their clothing, pockets and carry on baggage. Target odours include explosives or narcotics.

However, with explosives, a very obvious and unfortunately all too frequent risk involves the threat of suicide bombers. Passive scanning dogs have the ability to sample the air for explosives odours and then follow the trail it locates in the direction of the target person.

These dogs are very effective in densely populated locations as well as sterile secure areas where it is advisable to screen at a distance.

Dependent on operational need passive scanning narcotics dogs may also be trained to detect currency.

Tactical (Special Forces)

These dogs are trained to work closely with armed officers in tactical firearms situations and are an invaluable tool in assisting with Hostage/hijack responses, anti-pirating and other high-risk operations and terrorist threats.

These dogs are used to provide additional protection to the armed officers and are sometimes the only available non-lethal option to assist in detaining assailants without resorting to lethal force.

They are highly skilled dogs however are still social, stable and have the ability to work as part of a covert team.

Special Purpose

Detection dogs can be trained to detect specific items beyond explosives or narcotics and include a wide range of detection services including:

  • Weapons
  • Currency
  • Tobacco/Counterfeit tobacco
  • Cadaver/Victim Recovery
  • Search and Rescue/Victim Rescue
  • Arson detection
  • Illicit cargo/counterfeit goods
  • Human Trafficking/illegal immigrants or stowaways

Patrol Dogs/Crowd Management/Public Order

The use of Patrol Dogs will deter many would be intruders from attempting to enter a guarded area, while even the most violent individual, when challenged by a officer with a patrol dog, will submit without trouble.

Because of their keen sense of smell and hearing the dog is more likely to detect and provide early warning and prevent escalation of any potential problem.

This is especially relevant in crowd control and public order management. The visual deterrent of a professionally trained Public Order Dog Team is a very
impressive and effective method of preventing
escalation or dispersing would be troublemakers.